7 Things A Strong Woman Will Never Tolerate In A Relationship

Relationships are complex organisms, so it’s difficult to define the overall dos and don’ts. However, some behaviors cross the line no matter what. If your partner’s engaging in any of the following, it may be time for you to think carefully about where your relationship is headed and whether you’re getting the treatment you deserve.


You may feel like this is a very broad category and there are things that you might think are not disrespectful but she thinks they are. How can you know what you shouldn’t do or say?
Disrespect for a strong woman could be anything from telling her that she throws ‘like a girl’ to disagreeing with her opinion in a belittling way. It could be your disagreement that women deserve equal pay for equal work to your tone when you say something you thought was a compliment.
The only way to be sure you won’t disrespect her is to treat her as you want to be treated, or even better like she wants to be treated. How can you know? Well you can’t go wrong if you ask her, she surely won’t be ashamed to tell you how she wants to be treated.


One thing you can be sure a strong woman will not tolerate in a relationship is complete domination from her partner. This will make her feel powerless and it’s not something she is used to.
You need to let your woman to take the lead frequently as they will know when to do it and when to let you take the driver’s seat. You shouldn’t be intimidated by her strong will, that’s what you love about her in the first place.


You need to treat her with respect and make her feel like your equal in every possible way. Looking down on her or belittling her in any way will not be tolerated and can soon lead to an abrupt end. If she needs your help she will ask for it, you should know that. She needs to feel that you look at her as your equal and nothing less.


If your partner has expressed her discontent with something you’ve done or said you need to know that she won’t tell you the same twice. A strong woman knows her personal limits, values, morals, and beliefs and she knows where to draw the line. Don’t push her boundaries or you will feel her anger


This doesn’t mean that you need to go for every single thing she says but you need to know that if you’re constantly rejecting her ideas and suggestions she won’t tolerate it.


‘There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer’ – Marilyn Monroe
Your strong partner won’t stay interested in your relationship for much longer if she feels like you’re not supportive of her ideas and you’re not supporting her on her quest in life. If she feels like you’re holding her back she won’t think twice about leaving the relationship.
Researchers studying the psychological well-being of men and women in relationships found that supportive relationships are less psychologically distressful while strained relationships are associated with anxiety and distress.


You shouldn’t hold back on your feelings because your strong woman want to hear how you feel. According to a study on relationships, strong women expressed that the key to a successful relationship is independence of decision-making and communicating emotions to form a deep, intimate connection to their partner and you need to remember this is you want to preserve your relationship.
Women are more intelligent emotionally than men and they can read even the subtlest body language which reveals hidden emotions, making it impossible for you to hide your feelings. That’s it’s better if you speak your mind right away if you want to avoid conflict.
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