6 Ways to Make Your Sperm Stronger, Faster, and More Fertile.

If your sperm isn’t making it to the finish line, just a few small lifestyle changes could make a big difference. About 15 percent of couples have trouble conceiving, and at least a third of the time the guy’s sperm is at fault, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Here, are some ways your guy can boost his fertility and increase chances of getting pregnant.


Your sperm must carry out their mission in 12 to 14 hours; that’s how long the egg, once it’s released, remains viable. Success can depend on their swimming speed.
So help them out: Put down the smartphone. In a Cleveland Clinic study, men who used their phones more had decreased sperm mobility, perhaps because of these phones’ electromagnetic waves.


If you need one more excuse to quit, here it is. Smoking cigarettes and marijuana can cause oxidative stress and damage your sperm. What’s more, a recent study in the journal Human Reproduction found that smoking marijuana can change the size and shape of the sperm as well.


Exercise raises your testosterone and that helps you make sperm. Yet excessive exercise or overtraining can deplete vitamins and stored hormones. What’s more, too much time on a bike or in Spinning class can put excessive pressure on the testicles, so consider taking a break for a while.


Instead of taking testosterone to boost the hormone, pomegranate seeds are a better alternative because they’re a natural aromatase inhibitor, which prevents testosterone from being converted into estrogen.


If you’re constantly stressed out or not getting enough sleep, it can take a toll on your adrenal glands, which affects sperm production. Make time to relax, sleep an extra hour and have fun with your buddies and your spouse.


Loose fitting cotton underwear or even no underwear at all occasionally can help sperm production.