Do You Know the Danger of Turning On the A/C After Starting the Engine?

Most people turn on the A/C when sitting in the car without even thinking about it. However, did you know that this can be very dangerous for you and people around you?

You are probably wondering why and how. Usually, when we leave the car outside, we close the windows. When in shade, the car accumulates about 400-800 mg of benzene and if left in the sun those levels can rise up to 4000mg which is 40 times more than the allowed level.

This means that if you are sitting in a car and the windows are closed you inhale all the accumulated benzene. This dangerous toxin can affect and cause damage to the kidneys, liver and bone tissue. Our bodies need a lot of time to remove the benzene.

You might not know this but most car manuals are warning that you should open the car’s windows before you turn on the A/C. However, there is no explanation for this in any manual.

The medical explanation
When you turn on the A/C it starts ejecting the heated air before cooling it. Along with that air comes the benzene. We should also mention that benzene is a cancer-causing toxin.

So, next time you sit in your car make sure you open the windows for a few minutes first to let fresh air in before turning on the A/C.

Always remember to do so every time you get in the car and warn as many people as you can. This is a life-saving tip that will protect you and people around you from serious health issues and even death.