11 Things You Did not Know About Everyday Objects.

Have you ever noticed a random hole or hook on a device or everyday item and wondered what the heck it’s purpose is? There are many things we use every day that hide super helpful and surprising purposes right in plain sight.

#1. The tab that opens a can of soda also doubles as a straw holder so it doesn’t swivel around when you’re trying to make it meet your mouth.
#2. Those holes in the sides of converse aren’t there for decoration, they are there for ventilation. Many also believe that because the shoes were originally designed for basketball, the holes were used by looping the laces through them fora snugger fit.
#3. That little arrow beside the gas gauge on your dashboard is there to tell you which side of the car the gas cap is on.
#4. Why are those little bumps protruding out of only the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys on a keyboard? In 10-finger typing, these bumpsindicate where your index fingers rest and help you find your way back to the home position without having to glance down from the screen.
5. The tiny hole on airplane windows is there to allow air to low into the plane and regulate pressure in the aircraft.
6. Curious as to the purpose of those little wings on an Apple power cable? They flip up so you can wrap the thinner part of the cable around the wings and secure it from unraveling. A-ha!
7. Ever wonder why all of your pots have holes at the end of the handle? Not only to hang them, but to hold that messy spoon while you’re cooking up a storm.
8. For those of us who don’t eat them like chips, the indentation on the flip lid of Tic Tacs is actually there as a dispenser so you can eat one at a time.
9. Many have believed for years that the hole in the top of a ballpoint pen cap is to keep the pen from drying out or to keep the pen from leaking, but they couldn’t be more wrong! The hole is actually there to prevent young children from suffocating in the case that they chew/swallow the cap. It keeps air flowing even if they accidentally swallow!
10. Why is there a hole in my pasta spoon? Yes, it’s so the water will run through and strain the pasta, but did you know that it’s also the perfect size for a person’s portion of spaghetti ?? The hole in your pasta spoon is approximately equal to one serving of pasta.
11. That Little Hole In Every Padlock Is There For A Reason And You Ought To Know It.
While there’s an outlet to insert your key, have you ever wondered what is the utility of that tiny little hole on the padlock?
The little hole has been designed mechanically only to let the excess dirt or water pass through it. These are drain holes that let the moisture drain out since padlocks are mostly placed outdoors. It is also necessary when you have to pour the oil for lubrication purpose.