Do You Know the Truth Behind The Small Scar On Upper Left Arm and Its Real Meaning?

The small round scar on the upper part of our arm is very common if you are a 90s kid. People who were born before 2000 A.D. are likely to have this scar on their upper arm. It is not a thing to be scared of anyway. But it has a very mysterious secret which you might have heard about in your childhood. And with time, the topic of this concern faded off and so did the concentration towards this particular scar.

The reason why we have this scar is because of the immunity from small pox which used to be a deadly viral disease at a point of time all over the world. This disease caused death to over a million people around the world until the vaccination of it was found to prevent it. The vaccine was perfectly accurate and effective and the number of deaths decreased eventually to zero now.
The vaccine was given to people in the form of an injection on the upper arm, preferably left. Because of this injection people used to get a swelling bulge pouring out for 2-3 days. The swelling wears off but after 2-4 weeks emerges again.
This time it turns into a water bubble and oozes liquid out of it and then dries up and starts healing. But this process leaves a scar. And that scar is what you see on your arm till now.
But small pox was eradicated from the entire world by 1998. The vaccines were no longer made or given to people. And that is why people who are born above this year do not have this scar on their upper arm. Shockingly interesting isn’t it?