I Used to Throw Away the Shell of Watermelon Until My Husband Told Me Something I Never Knew!

Watermelons are refreshing and delicious fruits which are also very nutrient dense despite the popular belief that they are only made up from sugar and water. Watermelon is 98% water; however it is also rich in numerous nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and C. Almost everyone knows that watermelons are healthy but not many are familiar with the fact that the entire fruit is edible including the rind and the seeds. We usually consider the green scraps garbage so we just toss them in the trash without knowing that they are actually very healthy.

Health benefits of watermelon rind
Improved performance in bed
Men who suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction should consider trying watermelon rind. It contains the amino acid called Citrulline which provides the libido-boosting properties. To make the benefits even more powerful, juice the watermelon rind and add some lemon juice in it.
Boosts your workout
Besides being helpful for your performance in bed, watermelon rind can also improve your athletic performance. Consume them pickled for this purpose.
Reduced blood pressure
Watermelon rind can significantly lower your blood pressure if you suffer from hypertension. It will also help you keep your blood pressure under control as well as prevent obesity.
Prevents prostate cancer
Watermelon rind has the ability to aid the prostate cancer treatment due to the lycopene in it which is a powerful antioxidant. This cancer-preventing antioxidant can also be found in tomato skin.
Tips for picking a good watermelon
  • Choose the one that is heavier
  • Good watermelon has dull color and yellowish underbelly
  • The best watermelons are organic ones with seeds which are richest in nutrients
Watermelon juice recipe
  • ½ medium sized watermelon
  • 1 cup of fresh mint
  • 2 organic limes with skin
Procedure: Cut the watermelon and the rind into long pieces. Juice the mint and then add the limes. In the end add the watermelon. You can also add some ice to this excellent healthy and refreshing summer drink.