5 Most Important Things You Must Know Before You Get Married.

So you are in Love and all you can think about is when to get married and spend all your life with your love one. After looking at the divorce statistic around the world you would want to consider more time to think about it whether you are ready or not? 10 things you must know before you get married:

1. Are you ready to get married?

You think you are mature enough to separate love from Lust? Before you say “I Do” you better ask yourself a couple of questions: How much time you want to be alone during a day? How often do you want to spend time with your own friends? Are you ready to spend your christmas with your in-laws ? These questions might not seems important now but they will be at actual times.

2. Employment:

Are you working? What is your job related goal in your life? Does your job require you to travel a lot or spend a lot of times in your office? After you get married and have children are you going to quit your job and stay at home to raise your children? Which one is more important to you ? Your Job or your Family?! Never underestimate the role of your job on your life, So think carefully.

3.Money, Money, MONEY:

How is your finance right now? Are you able to spend your money for the big day? What is the future plan for your family finance? How your partner to be and you are going to share your house expenses ? Are you making more money? If so, are you willing to help your spouse with his/her expenses? How do you feel about sharing your bank account and your saving with someone else? Lots of marriage has been broken because they haven not thought about serious changes each relationship will bring apart.


Would you ever decide NOT to have a children ? Have you asked your partner to find out what is his/her point of view? How many children he wants to have? How do you want to raise your children? Religion is one of the most important point to talk about before having children? As time pass, Decades after decades cultures changed and family beliefs have gone far from our parents and our grandparents. Children will change your life and it’s your responsibility to think before bring another human being in your life.

5. $ex:

$ex has two different side, it can takes your life toward two different ways. $ex should be a free topic to discuss, you have to be open and can talk freely about $ex with your partner, when you don’t talk about your $ex life it can changes to unsatisfied $ex . Discuss your expectation and ask your partner about her/his expectation, this way both of you can make each other happy .