Top 5 Reason Why Women Reject Men

Some Men Keep Wondering Why Women Reject them, but for some reason I have to write Few Of the Reason that I know Might Be of Help to Most Men :


1. Badly Presentable.

First Impression Matters when your going on a date, bad presentation is a total turn of to women, hygiene Is more important, women want presentable and neat men not just any guy who wears anything, If your a smoker or a drunkard make sure you brush well cause bad smell is a total turn off to women.

2. Being Boring.

On dates women mostly listen and respond to what your talking about, pick an interesting topic to talk about don’t look boring cause she won’t like to have another date with you if your dull and you have nothing to say. If your so shy then prepare earlier before Going on a date.

3. Being Too Pushy and Nagging.

Sometimes you should know women don’t like being nagged or being pushed to do some things. You don’t know her past maybe she doesn’t want to go through same experience, so stepping over the line will make her keep away from you, If you want to win her Play by her rules, with time your turn for her to get used to you will come.

4. Don’t Exaggerate on somethings.

Relax when you want to focus on a woman, be yourself and don’t make up false and exaggerated stories cause women do notice then, they have sense and most of them can look at you and sense your lying to her. So be careful on what your telling her.

5. Lack Of Ambitions.

Women like men with ambition not men who Just play around not knowing where they are heading, having no objective in your life can be a turn off to the woman you want to date which leads to rejection in the end. Have ambition and direction and she will be close to you.