5 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Woman

Signs you are dating the wrong woman will help you find the right partner you truly deserve. To know the signs you are dating the wrong woman can help you get out of a bad relationship. Below are the signs Please share After Reading.

1. She Flirts With Any Man she knows.

Flirting in a relationship we all know is another away of cheating and some way it makes your other feels jealous, bad and pissed off. So If this woman you’re claiming to date flirts with other guys, put an end to that relationship Now.

2. Always Jealous.

Being jealous isn’t a bad thing but If your woman turns away her face when you talk to other women, sometimes isn’t a good thing, she should learn to trust you cause doubts and too much jealousy in a relationship is so dangerous.

3. She wants to dominate you.

Being Controlled can Be the toughest thing, giving limits on what to do and not to do can piss you off, so IF your woman wants to command you on things you may love or like then its a sign your dating the wrong woman, partners should come to an equal agreement not one controlling the other.

4. She isn’t Not interested in your family.

Some women will give excuses just to exclude herself from knowing your family, If your woman doesn’t show any interest in knowing your family members, consider it as one of the signs you are dating the wrong woman, a good woman will love to know you and your family.

5. She Is Selfish.

Selfish women can be so dangerous, this is one of the signs that your dating the wrong woman, being selfish to your man and other things is a total turn off to your man. You consider his feelings not just yourself.