It takes about seven seconds to make a strong first impression. And approximately 50% of that first impression is visual i.e. what you’re wearing and your appearance. Color plays a huge part in that first seven seconds. Do you know what color says about you?

Red is aggressive. It shows power and that the wearer is confident and wants to grab the crowd’s attention. It is also the most memorable color. Studies have shown that it is also considered the most seductive color.

connotes authority, competence and sophistication. However, it can be too overwhelming if worn from head to toe.

Purple is your color of choice if you want to portray sophistication and prosperity. It also helps to channel your creativity and spiritual awareness.

Orange shouts fun! This is a color that will make you seem approachable, bubbly but the down side is you won’t be taken seriously

Blue calms and focuses those around you and also gives the impression of efficiency. It is always a safe color to go with as most people have a positive reaction to blue.

White traditionally means purity or virtue and cleanliness. It can also communicate high social status. Always make sure your white is spotless.

Green is the color of nature, fertility and by extension prosperity. Being in the center of the color wheel it creates an atmosphere of balance and restoration.

Yellow is a pick-me-up. Wear a warm tone to give yourself and the people around you a mood boost any day. It communicates happiness and optimism.

Now you know which color best suits your message. And sometimes you need only a small dose in accessories or lip color to send that message.