Why Women Cheat On Their Men.

As much as stereotypes say that men are the only ones who cheat in relationships, I say that women cheat as well. They are equally dangerous as men. 

Inadequate attention.

A woman may cheat in a relationship if she feels that her man does not give her enough attention because he has been too busy of late. She may feel that her man is too busy for her which results in him not calling or even sending a text message and reminding her from time to time that she is his woman.

An opportunity presents itself.

The truth of the matter is that most women do not consider the feelings of other ladies. They actually just do not care. When an opportunity presents itself, they will cheat.

Feeling inadequately appreciated.

When a woman gets an award, gets a promotion or makes some sort of achievement, the partner is expected to compliment and appreciate her work.

When she does not get the appreciation from the man which is one of the things she seeks from a relationship, she is bound to look for it somewhere else out of feelings of dissatisfaction, dissapointedness and stress.

Not feeling the relationship anymore

sometimes a woman feels that her relationship with her partner is ending or cannot be mended or corrected. At this point, she may be feeling some sort of emptiness and may result in looking for someone else to fill in the gap.

When love is not enough

A woman cheats not because she doesn’t love her man but because the love is not enough. When the love is not enough she might go for a guy who takes care of her and her needs that her man cannot afford.

The man comes into her life and introduces things that her man did not have or do. In the end she ends up being attracted more to the new guy because of what he is doing for her.


At times, a woman cheats a man for the purpose of getting back at him for something he did in the past. For example, if the man was cheating in the past the woman may give him a taste of his own medicine in order to make him feel how it’s like not to care about your partners feelings.