7 Signs You're With The Right Partner

1. A good partner has your back.
A good partner is always going to have your back and be supportive of your endeavors. That doesn't mean they won't call you out on any bullshit if you deserve it, but they have your back.

2. A good partner inspires you to be a better you.
A good partner won't try to change you. Instead, they'll back you up when you're ready to change themselves. If you don't feel like you have to change, that's fine. Your partner is into you either way.

3. A good partner works to gain your trust.
A good partner doesn't enter into a relationship with you expecting trust. Trust is hard to come by. Instead, they'll earn it from you through actions, not expectations.

4. A good partner makes you feel secure.
It's not their responsibility to make you feel secure from your responsibilities, but with a good partner, you'll naturally feel more secure just for having them around.

5. A good partner won't cross any lines with you.
When you establish a red line, one that shouldn't ever be crossed, a good partner won't ever cross it. That said, if you don't establish what your boundaries are and they end up getting crossed, you have zero right to take it out on them.

6. A good partner works to improve themselves.
In the same way that a good partner won't try to change, you, you shouldn't try to change your partner. If they want to change something about themselves, encourage them! Back them up! But if not, leave them be.

7. A good partner won't be abusive.
No explanation needed. A good partner won't be physically or emotionally abusive. Period.